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We provide a selection of roofing tiles to suit all requirements, including our Sunnyside Standard Tile and our Cotswold 2000 Slate, the best imitation Cotswold stone slate on the market, the real alternative to natural stone.
"The Natural Alternative"

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Our Roofing Tiles

The Cotswold 2000 Slate

The Cotswold 2000 Slate has been developed over many years using moulds taken from original slates, which have been redressed by stone slate craftsmen. We now believe we have a reproduction slate as close in shape and configuration as possible to the genuine product.

The shade and colour of reproduction slates will always be a compromise, given the different base colours of natural stone and the many different weathering effects, which take place over the years. We have therefore taken the view, if the shape is an exact copy and the colour is within a spectrum of shades found on weathered slate, weathering will do the rest.

The slates are produced in varying sizes to achieve the appearance of a natural stone roof. The detail of the undercut on the bottom edge is an exact copy of a good dressed stone slate, which has been selected to lay flat and to be water tight. There is a nib and nail hole to enable cost effective fixing.

Sunnyside Standard

In addition to the Cotswold 2000 Slate, we also hand make a standard range of tiles. These tiles come in three colours Black/Grey, Buff and Brown and provide an excellent alternative to the conservation slate.

Our Ridge Tiles

Sunnyside Ridge

Sunnyside Ridge is available for all tiles within the Sunnyside range. This ensures that the complete roof is tiled consistently, creating a professional finish.

Technical Advice

Although we are unable to offer an installation service, we do provide technical advice in all aspects of the use of our tiles and ridge and provide a full back up service if required.

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